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Storm Cloud

Storm Cloud

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Flashes of lightning light up the stormy sky. This design features soft blue-gray hues, white swirls, glitter, and subtle gold foil and glitter accents.

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Jevell Housley

These were easy tinuse and the color is wonderful. LOTS of complements 😁 will buy again

Jennie Lahn
Beautiful Storm Cloud

I am in love with this set!! First time applying Lit Gels and after a bit of experimenting I got them to go on like a dream. I was able to stretch the ones I needed to make a beautiful mani. I typically steer clear of SCG’s with clear nails but I’m glad I took a chance on these and now wish I’d ordered more then one!

Shelby Stone

I love that these are still sticky if you have to adjust them when applying. There are plenty of sizes, which is great because my nails are sometimes too big and there aren't enough strips in the right size for all my nails to be covered the way I like. The top coat is great and makes these babies last for what seems like forever. And the design is phenomenal!

Naomi S.
Oh My Goodness!

This design has the loveliest blue and teal colors embellished with swirls of silver glitter and gold foil. I’m so in love with this one! 😍


Honestly they need to stick better. Two sets both lifted within a day.

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