How To



Applying your semi-cured gels is simple, but preparation is key to getting the most wear out of your gel mani. Check out our video for a quick overview of how to apply.


black and white icon of fingernail with nail drops of water

1. Prep it.

Push back cuticles. Clean nails with soap and water. Dry. Clean with alcohol wipe. 

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black and white icons: the first one shows a nail strip being applied to a nail; the second one shows trimming the nail strip with nail clippers.

2. Press it.

Find the strip that fits best without overlapping the skin or cuticle. Press firmly. Trim the excess.

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3. Light it.

Cure under a gel lamp until strips are hard.

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black and white icon showing a nail file and a finger nail

4. Shape it.

File to your nail shape of happiness. And you’re done! 

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Want to take it to the next Lit level?

Here’s our suggested next steps for the longest lasting Lit Gels.

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black and white icon of builder gel

Build it.

Add a coat of builder gel to give extra strength and thickness. Cure for 90 seconds. Steer clear of the surrounding skin.

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black and white icon of top gel polish being applied to a fingernail

Top it.

Finish with any of your favorite gel top coats  to seal everything in and create a glossy shine or matte finish. Be sure to cap the free ends to get the longest Lit life out of your semi cured gels. 

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