Healthy Cuticles, Happy Nails: Tips for Cuticle Care

Photo of two hands with a Lit semi-cured gel manicure in design “Storm Cloud”. Applying acetone-free remover with a dropper bottle to remove nail strips.

Are you giving your cuticles any love? Manicure longevity starts with proper cuticle care. Let's look at some ideas for keeping them healthy and happy.


Gently scrubbing your cuticles can help remove dead skin cells while keeping your hands looking fresh and neat.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Your cuticles require water just like your skin does! To maintain your cuticles soft and healthy, use a nourishing cuticle oil or cream. And moisturizer your hands after washing.

Hard “no” to to harsh chemicals

Harsh chemicals like acetone-based removers can be a real problem for your cuticles. To keep them happy, choose a nourishing, acetone-free remover.

Get pushy

…in a good way! To help keep your cuticles in good shape, use a gentle cuticle remover and pusher. Don’t apply too much pressure, as that can cause damage to your nail beds. 

Manifest great manis

Why bother caring for your cuticles? If you’re looking to get the longest life out of your beautiful manicures, cuticle and nail care are the first and most important steps! Plus, who doesn't want to keep their hands looking their best?

So take some time to show your cuticles some love! A little bit of TLC can go a long way towards keeping your nails looking their best. It’s totally worth the effort and all part of the self-care process!

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