Let's talk nail health!

Let's talk nail health!

Weak or thin nails can lead to constant breakage. If you enjoy having longer nails, then then you'll need healthy nails that can withstand everyday activities. Everything from putting on a pair of form fitting leggings, to moving furniture around your home ... or wrangling an agile toddler -- these are all things that put your nails at risk!ย  Semi cured gels are actually a great solution for this.

Real quick...what are semi cured gels?

Semi cured gels are a type of nail product that combines the best of both worlds: the durability of traditional gel nails and the convenience of regular nail polish. They are applied like regular polish but are then cured under a UV or LED lamp to create a long-lasting and chip-resistant finish.

How do semi cured gels support healthy nails?

1. Strength and durability: Semi cured gels provide an extra layer of protection to your natural nails, making them less prone to breakage and damage. This allows your nails to grow longer and stronger without the fear of them snapping or peeling.

2. Protection from external factors: Our nails are constantly exposed to various external factors such as water, chemicals, and everyday wear and tear. Semi cured gels act as a shield, protecting your nails from these harmful elements and reducing the risk of damage.

3. Enhanced nail growth: By providing a strong and stable base, semi cured gels promote healthier nail growth. They prevent your nails from splitting or breaking, allowing them to grow longer and faster.

4. Easy and gentle removal: No soak offs! Unlike regular gel nails, semi cured gels can be easily removed at home without the need for harsh acetone or salon visits. This gentle removal process minimizes the risk of nail damage.

Get your nails fabulously long and strong (or stunningly short and strong) - either way, shield your precious nails with semi-cured gels!

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