Flex Your Style: The Lit Stretch Method

Flex Your Style: The Lit Stretch Method

Sometimes you'll be in between sizes of your Lit Gel semi-cured gel nail strips. Not a problem! You can take a strip slightly smaller than your nail and stretch it a bit. But there's a specific method that works best for stretching Lit Gels. And we're going to show you how!

1. Clean and remove cuticles. We suggest applying cuticle remover then using cuticle pusher to push back to cuticles. Then remove any dead skin with cuticle nippers or scissors. 

2. Wash your hands thoroughly with dish soap. Be sure to rinse of all of the soap. Optional: Use a nail brush to clean around the cuticles.

3. Remove any left over oils with the alcohol prep pads.

4. Apply your LIT nail strips. If you need to stretch a strip to fit your nail use this method:

    • Apply the strip at the cuticle (not touching the skin).
    • Press down lengthwise to adhere the strip to the nail.
    • Gently pull the strip to one side to the edge of the nail. You'll need to use a little force to stretch it. Press down well.
    • Holding down the side you just applied, gently pull the other side of the strip to meet the edge of the nail. Press down well.
    • Rub the strip around the edges to create friction and help melt the adhesive to the nail.
    • Use the wood stick to roll down the edges, using gentle pressure.
    • Trim the excess using nail scissors or clippers.
    • Cure until hard.
    • File the edges until smooth.

And there you have it! We just applied 14.5 mm strips to 15.7 mm wide thumb nails, using the Lit stretch method. Perfect result!


Check out our video tutorial for all the details!

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